Wedding Day Gifts and Favours

For what could probably be the most important day in any couples’ lives, it’s definitely important to have the right gifts to match the occasion!

Gravesham Trophy Centre and its specialist division, The Crystal Glass Engraver provide glass and crystal products to make an extra special commemorative Wedding present, along with personalised ‘Thank You’ gifts, cost effective mementos (or ‘favours’) and photo frames for displaying their favourite photo with a special, deep engraved message. Our specialist engraving team can complete ‘half tone’ (photographic) engravings and we have a large library of standard designs and type faces that will suit your gift requirements. We are also able to work with any special designs or text that has been used in the Wedding Invitations – contact us with your ideas and we will advise on how we can incorporate them into beautiful engraved gifts, or tell us your ‘gift budget’ and we will give you our ideas!

With our high definition, deep, crisp sand blasting, or our detailed pad printing services (adding colour to your glass, or a sand blasted look-a-like) you can be assured that the gift you select will be decorated to the highest standard, and will forever commemorate the happiness that only a Wedding day can bring.

Gifts for The Bride & Groom.

Commemorative engraved glass gift for a Wedding.

It is much more common place in today’s society for the engaged couple to have already been living together for some time before a Wedding actually takes place – this can make it harder to find a gift for the Bride & Groom; the traditional (if not clichéd) gift ideas of a toaster or cutlery set are no longer particularly relevant – but that works in our favour and gives us the perfect excuse to present something more special and commemorative, that will be enjoyed for many years.

We can deep engrave decorative or functional items for you to give as a gift for the Bride & Groom. Our ranges of hand-made Rock Tablets and WhiteFire optical crystal are ideal for decorative/ornamental gifts. We can engrave Heraldic or Clan crests to celebrate the joining of two families (make sure that the Brides’ name is always first though – not a good idea to break protocol even with the gifts for her special day!) The photo to the left shows a Rock Tablet engraved in this way, with some gold colour added to selected parts to enhance the engraving.

Engraved Glass Wedding Bowl, for the couple. Glass photo frame, engraved for the Groom.. Engraved Wine Glass for a Wedding Gift.  

 Please ask for more details on this specialist service - we ask you to make sure you give us enough time to allow for any research into the names we may not already have in our library. Please be aware that 5% of European names do not have associated heraldic or clan crest though, and we will not make one up – this would not be an authentic gift otherwise. If the heraldic option isn’t viable, we do have many Wedding designs that could be engraved instead, and as mentioned before, we can also look to matching designs and texts from the Wedding invites.

Main Picture: Carn Ban Rock Tablet
Bottom left: 6” Trophy Bowl
Middle: 5"x7" Photo Frame
Right: Sensus Black Wine Taster

 If you would like to give something functional then the choice of gift for a Bride & Groom is even larger. From fruit bowls to a satin boxed set of tumblers, champagne flutes, wine glasses, decanters or even a set of coasters – all can be personalised to make unique and memorable gifts that will be treasured for years, and may even become a family heirloom. For a display piece that is also functional, you may like to consider a photo frame – engraved with details of the occasion, and with a gilt coloured frame for the couple to display their favourite Wedding picture. If you have your own thoughts of a unique or bespoke gift for the Bride & Groom you would like to give, let us know your ideas and we will advise what we can achieve for you.

Gifts from the Bride & Groom.

Shot Glass, printed for Wedding Favours.

As much as we all know the emphasis of a Wedding is for it being the Brides’ special day, one of the reasons it is special is having friends and loved ones to share your celebration with. The Crystal Glass Engraver can help you thank all the individuals who collectively worked towards making your day the happy occasion it will undoubtedly be. ‘Thank you’ gifts for the Mother and Father of the Bride, the Mother and Father of the Groom. Gifts for The Matron of Honour, Gifts for The Best Man, Ushers, Bridesmaids and Gifts for the Page Boys are all greatly appreciated by the  recipients – show your gratitude for their part in your day by giving a personalised glass or crystal memento.

In fact anyone who helps to make your Wedding the unforgettable occasion you plan for can be appreciated in this way, including the Registrar or Religious ‘Selected Official’ who performs your ceremony for you. They don’t all have to be ‘grand gestures’ either, even the smallest token of appreciation is normally an unexpected surprise for the recipient, who we are sure are mostly proud just to be given the opportunity to take part in your celebrations.

Engraved Tankards for Best Man or Page Boy.
Engraved Wine Glass gift for Matron of Honour or Bridesmaids.  

With our pad printing option you can even budget to have 'Wedding Favours’ for all your guests – maybe a shot glass with a design and your names and date printed; have these set out on the reception tables so that everyone can toast you with the small memento that you have kindly left for them – these types of favours are a good way of giving your guests 'Wedding Favours' that they will keep for future use – ensuring they have a reminder for when your Anniversaries come around!

Main Picture: Loto Shot Glass - Printed
Bottom left: Perfume Bottles
Middle: 9oz Stern Tankard
Right: Fiore 8oz White Wine

Keyrings, coasters or  paperweights all work well as Wedding Favours too, whilst there is also a large selection of tankards for the male orientated gifts, and wine glasses for gifts for the females.

Don’t forget that we can also deep engrave perfume bottles, tumblers, paperweights, decanters and our high quality ranges of Rock Tablets and WhiteFire Optical crystal – in fact all the items in our glass and crystal ranges are suitable if you think they are the right gift for your special guests – the personalisation will make them unique to your day.

Let our professional team help you:

Be assured that our expert team aim to provide you with unrivalled quality of care, and quality of product to match – from your initial enquiry to the completion of your order, every step will be given our utmost attention to detail. We understand how much effort is given to planning a wedding, and we will work with you to ensure the gifts you select are a part of the occasion that you are proud to give/share with all concerned. We also strictly adhere to your deadlines; our standard ‘lead time’ is 5 working days, but if you require it in a rush just let us know how soon you need it; if we say ‘yes’, we mean ‘yes’!