Variety & Choice

Glass & Crystal 'Shapes'

Traditional or Contemporary Shapes?

Well, which are you; a 'traditional' or 'contemporary kind of person?  More importantly, if your purchase is for a gift, is the person you are giving to, a 'traditional' or 'contemporary' kind of person?  Style leads in your decision here and the sheer variety in our online Shop ensures that you have a wide range of both 'traditional' and 'contemporary' designs to choose from.

Optical Crystal, Lead Crystal, Crystal~Glass or Soda Glass?

You can find out a lot about the differences in the Glass & Crystal Raw Materials section of this website, about why there is such a difference between the products, made from each of these materials.  Aim for clarity, colour, brightness and you will appreciate each drink taken, every bowl of fruit or vase of flowers in your home - far much more than products made from the cheaper materials.


Lovers Decanters, engraved for a Wedding

Heraldic Crests on a pair of bespoke engraved Contemporary Lovers Decanters.

Plain or Cut Lead Crystal?

Learn about Cutting Crystal in the dedicated page on this website.  What is Lead Crystal and why is there a difference between plain and cut crystal.  How is it that some plain Lead Crystal costs more that that cut with a pattern?  "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" - never was this more true, than for those that see and appreciate decent quality glass and crystal products.  And make use of them.

Plain, Printed or Engraved? 

Decorating Glass and Crystal for gifts - and the various choices there are for doing so, comes very much down to both personal preferences.  Many go for the mass-market 'buy-it-off-the-shelf' answer.  Why?  Because it's cheap - they are saying something about the person to whom they are giving the gift to.  Because they are lazy - they are saying something about themselves..!  Okay, maybe both are acceptable, in today's busy world.  To an extent.  We offer many products, for many occasions, that are available 'off-the-shelf'.

For the special gift.  The one you need to make an impression with.  Perhaps presented in a decent satin-lined box.  Have it bespoke engraved.  It takes only a few minutes to select the glass, the engraving design and type your special words.


A "Balmoral Glass" Comport, engraved for a Wedding.

Beautifully packaged, a bespoke engraved gift for a Special Occasion.

Inexpensive, Value for Money or Luxurious?!

It depends on the occasion, how close you are to the person receiving the gift - and the depth of your pocket.  Think, though, about how you would feel, if a close relative or friend gave you something with your name deeply engraved, within a special message.  You would be overwhelmed.  If you want to overwhelm someone, visit the Shop and start your imaginative juices flowing.

What are the Correct Sizes of: 

Wine Glasses for a Red/White Wine, Sherry or Champagne?

Tumbler for Juice, Spirit, Mixer or Squash?

All too often, we are asked which glass should be used for a particular drink.  A rough guide is “the stronger the drink, the smaller the glass”.   However, while this may be true - in terms of Wine Glasses, it must be borne in mind that we are currently being influenced by The Italian Factor – using far larger glasses and then swirling the liquid around, to get air into the wine and enhance the flavour.  And Spirit Glasses can also have a far larger glass than one would imagine for certain drinks – take a Brandy Balloon for instance!


A "Bottle Glass" holds a bottle of wine.

This glass holds an entire Bottle of Wine 75cl (25oz)! and is perfect for engraving.

In our Shop, you will see that we have tried to assist in this choice by ‘grouping’ glasses together and naming them eg Claret.  But please do not let that dictate to you!


- All about the History of Glass and where it all started.


- What Glass is made from.


- The difference in quality resulting in the Methods of Manufacture.


- What is "Cut Crystal" and how is it achieved.


- The different ways glass & crystal can be personalised.

  - Sandblast engraving Glass & Crystal.
  - Information about hand engraved glass & crystal.

- How to look after your glass & crystal, plus cleaning tips.

If you have any questions, our knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer them.  Simply Contact Us.