Scottish Clan Crest

There are approximately 150 different Scottish Clan Crests.  Each is associated with a clan surname - and usually also has a number of 'Septs'.  A 'Sept' is simply a different surname, which has been granted use of the crest at some point in history.  Typical examples of Septs are the surnames Miller, Smith and Fletcher, because historically, every clan had a Miller of Flour, a Smith or Blacksmith and a Fletcher of Arrows.

The Court of The Lord Lyon is the official body in Scotland, responsible for Scottish Heraldry.  Scottish Heraldry is not as old as one may suppose and generally dates back to Victorian times.  Scottish Clan Crests are, in fact, Crest Badges, worn on the bonnet.

Only the owner, usually the Clan Chief, is entitled by law to wear the original crest and motto of the Scottish Clan Crest, inside its original, plain, circle.  It is accepted that even people not directly associated with the clan are allowed to wear the crests of Scottish Clans, if the heraldic symbol and motto are encircled by a belt and buckle.


Scottish Clan Crest, drawn up for engraving into glass.

The Campbell Scottish Clan Crest.

When researching a crest of the Scottish Clans, we start with the surname and, if it is associated with a major clan, we use the associated crest.  If the name is part of a Sept, we change the associated Clan Name to the surname required.  If a surname is neither a major Clan name, nor part of a Sept, we will not make up a Scottish Clan Crest.

The Paterson Scottish Clan Crest, drawn up for engraving into glass.   The Dundas Scottish Clan Crest, drawn up for engraving into glass.   The Macleod Scottish Clan Crest, drawn up for engraving into glass.

The Paterson Scottish Clan Crest.


The Dundas Scottish Clan Crest.


The Macleod Scottish Clan Crest.

Scottish Clan Plaques & Scottish Wedding Gifts

Having completed our research, our artist then draws the Scottish Crest, inserts it in our generic belt and buckle and places the surname beneath.

The resultant artwork is then converted into a 'mask' (stencil), using high quality glass engravers light sensitive films.  The mask is adhered to the glass and we sandblast, using fine grit, to achieve optimum detail.  When the mask is washed off, every part of the artist's original work is faithfully and deeply engraved into the glass.



Two Scottish Clan Crests, engraved into a presentation glass plaque, celebrating a Wedding Anniversary.

An Anniversary Gift, incorporating two Scottish Clan crests.

On the right, is an example of Scottish Clan Crests being used in a meaningful way, to commemorate the Golden Wedding Anniversary of a couple.  The Scottish Clan Crests symbolising the joining together of two families, through matrimony.  This Scottish Wedding Gift was hand made in the Scottish Highlands and, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, makes this Scottish Clan Plaque even more meaningful.  Our engraving, deep into the Scottish Clan Plaque, can be infilled with colour, such as gold, in the example shown.  This makes the plaque very special, when commemorating a Golden Wedding Anniversary.  A similar concept has been used to commemorate Scottish Weddings

Singular gifts, incorporating a Scottish Clan Crest Crest engraved into glass or crystal are always well received.  Note that the item on the left, below, is engraved with a European Heraldic Crest.

Heraldic Crest, engraved into a crystal Paperweight.   Heraldic Crest, engraved into an Ice Block Paperweight.   Scottish Clan Plaque, with crest and history of clan.

Any item of glass or crystal is suitable for incorporating the engraving of a Scottish Clan Crest Crest.  Either on its own, as a gift, or combined with suitable text, to commemorate a special event.

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