European Heraldry

There are over half a million European surnames, but not all are associated with an heraldic crest.  Most are, but until we undertake research from our library of books concerning European Heraldry, we cannot guarantee the existence of a Heraldic Crest for your surname.

Heraldic Crests (Coats of Arms) are granted to individuals and families by The College of Arms, in Queen Victoria Street, London.  A tradition, dating back to early Medieval times, Knights wore their Arms on their shields and Crests on their helmets.


Heraldic Crest, drawn up for engraving into glass.

The Gaymer Heraldic Crest.

When researching an Heraldic Crest associated with a surname, we often find more than one crest.  We always select the oldest and therefore, the first, Heraldic Crest to be associated with that surname.  We feel that this is the only way to bring some regularity to the industry.  Furthermore, if there is not a crest associated with a surname, we will not make one up.  Happily, this is only the case in around 5% of European surnames.

The Smith Heraldic Crest, drawn up for engraving into glass.

The Fletcher Heraldic Crest, drawn up for engraving into glass.

The Warman Heraldic Crest, drawn up for engraving into glass.

The Smith Heraldic Crest.

The Fletcher Heraldic Crest.

The Warman Heraldic Crest.

Heraldic Crest Engraved

Having completed our research, our artist then extracts the Shield from the crest and draws the contents.  Chevrons, Lions Rampant, Unicorns - there are an untold amount of different Heraldic symbols inside the different shields.

The shield is then placed inside our generic surround.  This consists of a Knight's helmet, complete with feathers and armorial emblems.

The resultant artwork is then converted into a 'mask' (stencil), using high quality glass engravers light sensitive films.  The mask is adhered to the glass and we sandblast, using fine grit, to achieve optimum detail.  When the mask is washed off, every part of the artist's original work is faithfully and deeply engraved into the glass.

  Two Heraldic Crests, engraved into a presentation glass tablet, celebrating a Wedding.

On the right, is an example of Heraldry being used in a meaningful way, to commemorate the Wedding of a couple.  The Heraldic Crests symbolising the joining together of two families, through matrimony.  A similar concept has been used to commemorate Anniversaries.  Visit the link, to see our deep engraving infilled with colour, to celebrate a Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Singular gifts, incorporating an Heraldic Crest engraved into glass or crystal are always well received.  Note that the item in the centre, below, is engraved with a Scottish Clan Crest. 

Heraldic Crest, engraved into a crystal Paperweight. Heraldic Crest, engraved into an Ice Block Paperweight. Heraldic Crests, engraved into Coasters.

Any item of glass or crystal is suitable for incorporating the engraving of an Heraldic Crest.  Either on its own, as a gift, or combined with suitable text, to commemorate a special event.

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