Fruit Bowl

Types of Fruit Bowl

You can view all manner of Fruit Bowls in our Shop, most are in stock and available either plain or engraved. Fruit Bowls are available in a variety of different styles. As well as the traditional fruit bowl, with straight sides, the Footed Fruit Bowl is popular, often lending some shape to an otherwise plain bowl.

A Comport, which has both a stem and foot, is very popular. Its original purpose was for a compote of fruit (stewed fruit), but has become popular in larger sizes, for fresh fruit, as a centrepiece for a table or sideboard.


A fruit bowl engraved for a Wedding.

A Comport is a Fruit Bowl with stem & foot.

Engraved Fruit Bowl

Fruit Bowls are ideal for engraving, generally offering a large area for both a design and message. Corporate Awards are a favourite use for fruit bowls, because they have no association with drink. Sports Trophies are also a popular market, for much the same reason.

Private presentations, like Weddings and Anniversaries are provided with plenty of much-needed space for engraving, when using a fruit bowl as a special gift. Designs are most important here, as they are for Corporate and Sporting occasions, but more so. Engraving text alone leaves the bowl looking 'flat' and as soon as an appropriate design is used, the whole affair is 'lifted'.

A Fruit Bowl features engraving you will be able to dig your fingernail into! This alone adds prestige to an item which will be proudly displayed by your recipient for years to come.


Fruit bowl engraved for a Crystal Anniversary.

A Fruit Bowl engraved for a 15th (Crystal) Wedding Anniversary.

Balmoral Glass Fruit Bowl

"Balmoral Glass" is a branded product range which bears all the hallmarks of mouth blown, hand crafted glassware. Tiny seeds, or bubbles are the give-away signs of mouth blowing glass. Nothing mass-produced for the recipient of your gift, award or trophy.

Balmoral Glass Fruit Bowls are packaged in either distinctive branded, blue boxes, or luxury satin-lined rigid boxes. Your choice of packaging, according to the amount you wish to spend and the prestige of the occasion.

A range of different styles, each style usually offering two or more sizes, is available to you. Don't be put off by the name of the fruit bowl shown above, beside "Engraved Fruit Bowls". It is named a Trophy Bowl, but is the same shape used for the Mastermind competition on TV and is also the perfect shape fruit bowl for simply displaying your engraving and nothing more.


Fruit bowl engraved for a Corporate Trophy.

A Fruit Bowl engraved for a Corporate Trophy.

Inverness Crystal Fruit Bowl

Inverness Crystal 'Panelled Crystal' Fruit Bowls are heavyweight cut crystal, with a purpose-made clear panel of crystal for engraving. We suggest strong designs for your engraving; no fine lines, to get 'lost' with the pattern of cuts behind.

All "Inverness Crystal" is packaged in classic branded satin-lined rigid blue boxes. Presentation is key for this range. Most products and all Fruit Bowls have been made by hand. Mouth blown, then hand cut, by master craftsmen. Due to the nature of their manufacture, small 'seeds' or bubbles naturally occur in the crystal. Far from being faults, these bubbles are the hallmark of making by hand. Having said which, not many will be seen where the pattern has been cut into the crystal.

The simple 'diamond and fan' design of the cutting is timeless in its appearance. Its simple appearance also suits engraving admirably. Suited to Corporate Awards, Club Trophies and Personal Presentations, please remember to incorporate a Design within your engraving requirements. Your Corporate Logo, Club Crest - or a suitable design to empathise with the occasion of your Personal Presentation.


Inverness Crystal Fruit bowl, for engraving.

An Inverness Crystal Fruit Bowl with plain engraving panel.


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