Tankards - Glass & Crystal

Glass Tankards

Glass Tankards, from our Balmoral range, or several other inexpensive options, make superb gifts, trophies and presentation pieces.  Suitably engraved, to your specifications, packaged in a variety of ways, a Glass Tankard suits many occasions.

Balmoral Glass Tankards

The Balmoral range of Glass Tankards are completely hand made.  Mouth blown and finished by hand, these prestigious Glass Tankards, when engraved, smack of real quality - yet they are offered at an affordable price.

Balmoral Glass Tankards are are offered either in textured blue boxes, or, for a special event, select satin lined boxes. Both packaging options are branded Balmoral Glass and also feature the legend of Balmoral Glass.  These are Glass Tankards with a provenance and quality like no other.


Engraved 'Balmoral Glass' Tankard for a Gift.

Engraved Balmoral Glass Tankard

Alternative Glass Tankards

Many alternative Glass Tankards are featured in the range.  Heavyweight yet inexpensive Glass Tankards, machine made to keep costs down.

When deep engraved, these budget Glass Tankards are ideal for less important occasions.  Each is supplied as standard in a foldable blue box, bur satin boxed options are also available in our Shop.

Any item can be deep engraved using your own design (or select one from our extensive library) and a selection of text styles are available to you. Delivery is available not just in the UK, but world-wide. We pride ourselves on our service and quality of craftsmanship. Please be assured your orders will be in professional hands.


Cheap Glass Tankard, engraved for a special presentation.

Engraved Haworth Glass Tankard

Crystal Tankards

Inverness Crystal 'Panelled Crystal' Tankards are the epitome of quality.  Mouth blown and cut by hand to our timeless design, each facet captures the light and refracts it in a rainbow of colours.

'Panelled' means that a clear panel of crystal has been left for engraving purposes.  Suitable for any occasion, Inverness Crystal Tankards make perfect gifts, trophies or presentation pieces.  Packaged in satin lined boxes, hallmarked with the Inverness Crystal logo, these are very prestigious presentation pieces.

The Gravesham Trophy Centre is an expert at engraving and guarantees your satisfaction.  A range of different generic designs are available, to suit almost every occasion, or your own artwork can be utilised.  Along with suitable text, your Inverness Crystal Tankard will be treasured forever by a grateful recipient..!



Inverness Premier Panelled 1pt Tankard, engraved.


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