School Prize

A School Prize for all occasions is available to buy online in our shop, or please contact us if you would like help, advice or something out of the ordinary. A School Prize for Art, a School Prize for Science, indeed, a School Prize for almost any subject or achievement is simply achieved by use of our selection of 'Centres'. These are the 1" diameter discs which feature an academic or sporting subject.

Example 1 - School Prize for Art 

In the example on the right, the item has been selected from our range of metal, resin, glass and crystal items. 

The 'centre' depicts Art - although there are many different academic subjects in the range. 

The 'centre' can also depict your school crest, at no extra cost.

Providing a School Prize for Art will sharpen your students desire to achieve better results in this subject.  A creative subject such as Art is a fine addition to all students learning. 

Your creative thoughts in supplying a School Prize for Art will lead to more success in the classroom too!


School Prize for Art in resin, with stars. 

School Prizes for Art in many shapes and sizes are available in the Shop.

Example 2 - School Prize for Science 

Exactly the same product as above, but transformed into a School Prize for Science.  This demonstrates the use of our variety of different 'centres'.

Your School Prize for Science  can be engraved for little or no additional cost, to commemorate the School Prize for Science name - and the name of the recipient and date.  This will make a lasting memento of the student's achievement, which will be displayed with pride.

Instead of the centre shown, we offer you the opportunity to have a special centre made, depicting your school crest. You are also able to have the name of the School Prize for Science around the perimeter.


 School Prize for Science, in resin, with stars.

School Prizes for Science in many shape and sizes are available in the Shop.

Other School Prizes 

As well as our extensive range of 'centres' and the choice of having your own school crest depicted in the 'centre', we can provide you with a bespoke 'centre' to suit each individual School Prize.

For example, you may have a School Prize named "The David Jones Prize for Music". We can create an image e.g. a treble clef and superimpose the text over it, all in colours of your choice.  This service makes a very special award from a possibly inexpensive item - which will now be provided with a high perceived value.

That's why talking with us is such a good idea.  We will not take much of your time, but we will provide School Prizes which will be on budget, on time and really rather special.  Contact John, our MD, for a discussion on 01474 560016 today.



Star shaped School Prizes are available in the Shop

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