Army Gifts and Awards

Army Gifts

Take a look in our Shop, or read on, to see some useful suggestions.  We offer a large number of engraved glass and crystal Army Gifts, which can be bespoke engraved to suit any occasion.  Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries - or simply to say I Love You (ideal for Valentines Day!).

A variety of Army Gifts to suit both men and women are available in the Shop, each requiring bespoke engraving with either a design from our library or your unit's crest.

Army Awards

There are a number of different Army Awards, in a variety of different shapes, sizes and styles in our online Shop.  Army Awards to suit all occasions and people, whatever their rank, are available, with bespoke glass engraving to commemorate the occasion. 


Balmoral Glass Tankard, for engraving Army crest and text.

Glass engraving of any design and text, to suit any occasion, is available.

Packaging is important, so Gravesham Trophy Centre offers a variety of packaging, including satin lined boxes and some items with velvet caskets.  Make your Army Award special, with special packaging for the presentation.



Army Presentations

A good range of glass and crystal awaits you in our online Shop, many suitable for various Army Presentations.  Presentations are an important part of Army life and the packaging makes or breaks an Army Presentation. Gravesham Trophy Centre offers many products in special satin lined boxes and velvet caskets.


Army Glass Plaque engraved and infilled with gold.

Presented to The Yorkshire Regiment, a Black Mirror Plaque. The glass engraving is infilled with gold.

The item of glass or crystal is also an important decision, so please do not be concerned about picking up the 'phone and talking to a professional and knowledgeable member of our team.  You can find many different items of glass and crystal i the website Shop and we are here to assist with engraving layouts.  Simply ask for a proof for your approval.


Army Retirement Gifts

Many items, suitable for both male and female Army Retirement Gifts, can be found in our online Shop.  After many years of service, an Army Retirement Gift is highly important to get right, because it will be displayed with pride by the recipient for many years afterwards.

The Gravesham Trophy Centre has a large choice of glass and crystal suitable for Army Retirement Gifts.  Bespoke glass engraving, with the crest of your choice and commemorative words, along with superb packaging, delivered anywhere in the world.  Selecting engraved glass for your Army Retirement Gift is a wise choice.


Glass Plaque, engraved for an Army Retirement Gift.

A Jade Edged Plaque, suitable for an Army Retirement Gift for a Lt Colonel.  Consider our Rock Tablets, hand made in The Highlands of Scotland.

Army Memorabilia

The various guises of Army Memorabilia, in the form of bespoke engraved or printed glass and crystal are available to buy from our online Shop.  Memorabilia is available in the form of deep engraved or printed Tumblers, Wine Glasses and Coasters.  Any Army crest can be reproduced to order.

We encourage the use of our single colour Frost Print, which looks just like deep engraving in colour and confuses even the experts.  It is a budget busting way of providing a decent image in glass or crystal products, making them highly affordable for shops and online retail sales.


A printed Coaster for Army Memorabilia.

A printed Coaster makes an ideal item for Army Memorabilia sales at an attractive price.

Army Merchandise

Army Merchandise, suitable for mess nights, shops and online retailers, in the form of bespoke engraved or printed glassware, can be purchased from our online Shop.

Mess Nights need deep engraved glassware, to sustain continuous washing in dishwashers.  Your choice of Army crest can be engraved into the glass so deeply, you can dig a fingernail into it.  Lines are crisp and even, striking of a high quality product.

Shops and online retail sales benefit from our single colour Frost colour print.  It looks just like glass engraving in colour and confuses even experts.


Range of glassware for Army Merchandise or Army Memorabilia.

The Claudia Wine Glass is ideal for Mess Nights and inexpensive enough for Shop Sales too.

We accept payment via card payment over the phone, Paypal, Credit Cards, BACS & cash brought into the shop.