Royal Air Force Gifts and Awards

Air Force Gifts

Take a look in our Shop, or read on, to see some useful suggestions for Royal Air Force Gifts.  The Gravesham Trophy Centre has a number of beautiful products suitable for both male and female recipients.  Bespoke engraving includes designs suitable for personal Air Force Gifts, as well as presentations within the service.

You can order online and pay securely, sending your Air Force Gift to any address in the world.  The online library of Standard Engraving Designs will enable you to select something suitable for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or simply a gift to say 'I miss You'.  First select your item of glass or crystal, then select a suitable design from the library (or upload your own black and white image), type in your message and pay via PayPal or credit card.  Your gift will be delivered for the date you specify.


Engraved 'Balmoral Glass' Tankard for Air Force Gift.

Tankards are ideal Air Force Gifts

For Air Force Gifts to be presented within your Squadron, we offer the engraving of any squadron crest.  Simply type the Squadron name in the Standard Engraving Designs box during the order process.  Add your message (you can select a font too, if you wish) and, if you wish, we can provide a proof.

Air Force Awards

There are a number of different Air Force Awards, in a variety of different shapes, sizes and styles in our online Shop.  Feel free to order online, or contact us for friendly and professional advice.  We will ensure your selected Air Force Award is delivered on time, to any worldwide address.

You can upload your own crest or design for deep engraving into the Air Force Award of your choice.  Combined with suitable words to commemorate the event, your Air Force Award can then be packaged into a satin lined box, to make the presentation really special.


Engraved Glass Fruit Bowl for Air Force Award.

Bowls, as well as Plaques, make great Air Force Awards.

Air Force Retirement Gifts

Many items, suitable for both male and female Air Force Retirement Gifts, can be found in our online Shop.  After a number of years in the Service, make your presentation really special.  Select the glass or crystal item and stipulate bespoke engraving to commemorate your colleague's retirement from the Service.  Air Force Retirement Gifts are available with high quality packaging, making any presentation memorable.

You can stipulate any Squadron crest or upload your own design for engraving (100% black and 100% white, please).  Combine this with suitable words to commemorate the years of service, which we centre under the design.

There is a large range of glass and crystal to choose from, including tankards, decanters, whisky sets - and a good selection of perfume bottles, bon bon dishes etc for lady colleagues.  Your Air Force Retirement Gift can be delivered to any address, worldwide.


Solid block of optical crystal, engraved to commemorate Air Force Retirement.

Air Force Retirement Gifts don't have to be Tankards or Decanters!


A hand-made Ice Block A4 Wall Plaque, engraved with various RAF crests. A perfect retirement gift!

Air Force Memorabilia

The various guises of Air Force Memorabilia, in the form of bespoke engraved or printed glass and crystal are available to buy from our online Shop.

Badged glass and crystal make great Air Force Memorabilia, especially Tumblers, Shot Glasses and Wine Glasses.  For more up-market Air Force Memorabilia, Decanters and Whisky Sets are also available.  Line drawings or photographs of particular aircraft can also be engraved into glass items.  The most suitable items for photo-engraving, where detail is important, are larger items.

Air Force Memorabilia, in the form of bespoke engraved glass and crystal, are available for purchase singly, or, at a discount, in bulk.  Certain items can also be printed in anything up to 4 colours.  Minimum orders should be 24+, with 240+ being the optimum amount.  This form of decorating is ideal for shops or online retailers who specialise in Air Force Memorabilia.


Air Force Memorabilia and Merchandise - engraved or printed glass and crystal.

Claudia Crystal Glass is available in all sizes of Wine, Brandy, Flutes and Tumblers.  Ideal for Mess Nights as well as Shop Sales.

Air Force Merchandise

Air Force Merchandise, suitable for mess nights, shops and online retailers, in the form of bespoke engraved or printed glassware, can be purchased from our online Shop.

We offer a variety of Air Force Merchandise for mess nights, including wine glasses in sizes from Sherry up to large 12oz winesWater and spirit glasses are also available for mess nights, all with the Squadron logo either engraved or printed.  Air Force Merchandise can also include Decanters and Water Jugs.

Shops who sell Air Force Merchandise do not have to buy dozens of a type; we are happy to supply singles on a 'little and often' principal.  Of course, for printed merchandise, where equipment has to be set up, it is in your interest to order in quantity.  Engraved products do not have the same 'set up' costs, but quantities do attract discounts.

Online retailers are welcome to use our 'drop-shipping' service and we deliver under your label, anywhere in the world.


We accept payment via: payment over the phone, Invoice, Paypal, Credit Cards, BACS & even cash brought into the shop