Police Gifts and Awards

Glass and Crystal for Police Gifts and Awards

The Gravesham Trophy Centre offers a multitude of different items of glass and crystal for Police Gifts, Awards, Retirements and Graduations.  Any Police Force crest can be deep engraved into the glass and accompanied by suitable text to commemorate any occasion.  Take a look in our Shop, or read on, to see some useful suggestions.

Police Gifts

A large selection of different items of glass and crystal are available, all of which can have the badge of your choice engraved.  Each item will be individually boxed, for ease of transportation, making them suitable for packing in luggage safely, if visiting different forces, with a need for a Police Gift.

A range of very small Police Gifts, in the form of shot glasses, paperweights etc are available, printed in up to 4 colours.  These items make ideal Police Gifts at budget busting prices.


Engraved Tumbler for Police Gift or Award.

Tumblers make great Police Gifts

To move a little more up-market, we suggest a Decanter (with or without matching tumblers), supplied in a sumptuous satin lined box.  These items make marvellous Police Officer Gifts and are suitable for any occasion, personal or on behalf of the Force.

It's important to provide Police Gifts with a high perceived value, but which come within budget.  The Gravesham Trophy Centre offers a wide range of products from their online Shop, many of which fall into this category.  A useful item, which will be made use of is a Coaster and there is one available which is hand made in The Highlands of Scotland.  Individually boxed, with a certificate of authenticity.

We also offer gifts for lady Police Officers, in the form of Bon Bon Dishes and wine glasses.  If you are looking for the ultimate, personalised gift for a lady Police Officer, you are sure to find it in our Shop.


A wide range of Spirit, Wine and Ships Decanters all suitable for engraving

Decanters are available in satin boxed pairs too!

Police Graduation Gift

A big moment in a newly appointed Police Officer's life is the day they graduate.  The finest way to commemorate the event is with a Police Graduation Gift which will be displayed with pride.  The College crest, Force crest, along with name of graduate and date of graduation can all be deep engraved into the glass or crystal, providing a Police Graduation Gift to be admired.


The Gravesham Trophy Centre can provide almost every Force and College crest.  All you need to do is supply the name and date, along with any preference as to the layout of the words.  You can order online (stipulate the crest/s you require by typing them in the box for Standard Engraving).  We will deliver to any address, worldwide.



WhiteFire Optical Crystal and Fusion Optical Crystal make superb Police Graduation or Retirement Gift.

Police Awards

Bespoke engraved glass and crystal cannot be bettered for Police Awards.  Deeply engraved, your Force crest and suitable text, to commemorate the occasion, presented in beautiful packaging, makes any Police Award extra special.

At the top end of the range are solid blocks of WhiteFire Optical Crystal.  We offer multiple position engraving, so that your Force crest is engraved on one face, with the text engraved on another.  This gives the crystal 'depth' and adds to the dimensional aspect of the Police Award.

Police Retirement Gifts

After a life spent in the Police Force, an officer deserves the best gift, with well thought-out engraving.  A piece of glass or crystal, with the Force crest deep engraved is a good start.  The words need to commemorate the years spent in the job, so dates and the officer's name are important parts of the engraving.


Glass Award, engraved to commemorate retirement of a Police Officer.

Ice Blocks and Rock Tablets are hand made in Scotland, supplied with Certificates of Authenticity.

The Gravesham Trophy Centre will assist with your choice of glass and words, if required.  It is important to us that your Police Officer Retirement Gift will be proudly displayed for many years to come.


We accept payment via: payment over the phone, Invoice, Paypal, Credit Cards, BACS & even cash brought into the shop